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4 Animals Matched Your Search Criteria
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Name ADCA# Sire Dam Sorted by GenderGender Color Birth Date Breeder Owner
Photo Available Glenn Land Magic 5232 Sam of Rob-Dar Farms Ida-J-Mar Susan B Black 1991-02-10 Wes Patton Charles Freer
Ranger of Peasticks 035232 SGF LMUL Kane Foxborough's Bella B Black 2014-05-13 Paul R Sexton Lisa Heinze
Chautauqua Keela 025232 West Wind Thomas Chautauqua Jocelyn C Black 2011-06-21 Shaun Ann Lord Janie Martin
Photo Available Gamble Dandwon 15232 K-Ro's Stanley SJ Blk-Lady C Black 2004-02-20 Rondal Gamble Greg McNinch

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