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38 Animals By Glenn Land Mr. Black Oak
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
SJ Black Beauty 12543 SJDH Lilli Langtree C Black 2001-08-13 Marvin Johnson Julie Phippen
SJ Blackend Bock 12542 Little Miss Sunflower B Black 2001-09-09 Marvin Johnson Timothy Dreiling 12
SJ Miss Black Bridget 12603 SJDH Tiny Bo Bridget C Black 2001-09-13 Marvin Johnson Christopher Kleinert 2
SJ Suzie 12832 SMS Liberty C Dun 2001-09-22 Marvin Johnson Craig Rodenberg 1
SJ DS1302 13616 T Oaks Sarah (2) C Black 2002-02-18 Marvin Johnson Gary Kirkwood 4
Photo Available SJ GoGo Scotty 12831 Hammer's Ida B Black 2002-02-19 Marvin Johnson Craig Rodenberg 1
SJ DS202 13613 Goff's Fair Lady C Black 2002-03-14 Marvin Johnson Steve Beal
SJ DS802 13617 SJDH Lil-Lil C Black 2002-03-26 Marvin Johnson Steve Beal 1
SJ DS902 13615 SJDH May Hill B Black 2002-03-27 Marvin Johnson Steve Beal 5
SJ DS1002 13614 Harbil Tiny Ruth B Black 2002-03-29 Marvin Johnson Vince/Bonnie Greuel 29
SJ Toby I 13250 SJDH Melanie Also C Black 2002-03-31 Marvin Johnson Charlie Bailey
SJ Windy Mills 14122 Hoof Beat Charlotte C Black 2002-05-25 Marvin Johnson James Eggers 4
SJ Marsha 13105 Gusie of J & J C Black 2002-07-01 Marvin Johnson James Knight 2
SJ Max 13108 SJ Bonnie B Black 2002-11-30 Marvin Johnson Calvin Vernor 3
DS0203 15954 P-Bar Sara B Black 2003-02-16 Steve Beal Don R Evans 9
DS Oak Flower 15194 SJDH May Flower B Black 2003-03-19 Steve Beal Charlie Bailey
Desert Spring Boochy 14582 Mississippi Fee Bee C Black 2003-07-20 Steve Beal Nolan/Teresa Bishop
DS Black Walnut 15908 Mississippi Dolly P B Black 2003-07-24 Steve Beal Greg Wolf 4
DS03304 15956 SJDH Kathliene C Black 2004-03-01 Steve Beal Steve Beal
DS11404 15959 Sunovagun's P-Bar Karma C Black 2004-04-04 Steve Beal Steve Beal
DS9F504 017097 Harbil Tiny Ruth C Black 2004-05-01 Steve Beal Wade and Mary Miller 2
Photo Available DS Agape 15909 Mississippi Crystal C Black 2004-05-15 Steve Beal Greg Wolf 3
DS45F604 017098 SJDH Kathliene C Black 2004-06-01 Steve Beal Mike/Beth Olson 1
DS13F04 Cinder 016675 SJ Ashley C Black 2004-07-01 Steve Beal Felicia Hall 1
Pearl-P-Potter 15980 Bohls Diamond C Black 2004-07-28 Steve Beal Ron Box 3
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