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7 Animals Out Of MLW Plucking Petals
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Name ADCA# Sire Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
MLW Clover Row 9158 MLW Mason Dixon C Black 1997-06-01 Mark Weber Lyle Bangart 8
MLW Cee Cee Max 9160 MLW Mason Dixon C Black 1998-04-09 Mark Weber Kevin Drays
MLW Manitowoc Mark's Sam 10427 Glencara Finerty B Black 1999-03-18 Mark Weber Aaron Nichols 15
MLW Hemmie 12177 Glencara Finerty B Black 2000-02-18 Mark Weber Tony Klemm 1
MLW Bill Glencara Finerty 12436 Glencara Finerty B Black 2001-04-01 Mark Weber Jerry/Luella Malone 3
MLW Persimmon Sunnydale 13220 Glencara Finerty C Black 2002-06-29 Mark Weber Mark Weber 1
Photo Available MLW Petal's of Plucky 016212 Hiyu Salty Rambler IV C Black 2003-10-04 Mark Weber Brian Stockinger 1

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