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7 Animals Out Of S & N Rose of Br'er Patch
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Name ADCA# Sire Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Photo Available Amber o Treva 12692 Lake View Jedi C Dun 2001-05-20 Treva Peterson James & Linda Smith 9
Satin o Treva 12693 Lake View Jedi C Black 2002-05-19 Treva Peterson James & Linda Smith 2
Whistle R Katey 15907 Lake View Jedi C Black 2004-05-03 James & Linda Smith Dennis Godar 5
Whistle R Hershey 017314 Lake View Jedi C Dun 2005-05-04 James & Linda Smith Regina & Kenneth Heddlesten 1
Whistle R Wilma 017765 Shome Rowan C Black 2006-05-30 James & Linda Smith Wayne/Shirley Smith 2
Whistle R Beatrice 019563 Sr Ironman Jr C Black 2007-09-17 James & Linda Smith Steven/Faith Christophel
Whistle R W12U 072608 021789 Boulder Fork Red Man S Black 2008-07-26 James & Linda Smith James & Linda Smith

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