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26 Animals By Rainbow Hills Super Sam
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Rainbow Hills Rita 9561 Rainbow Hills Star C Red or Dun 1998-08-25 Jerry Starnes George Schwuchow 3
Rainbow Hills Dottie 9562 "RR" Bart's Dolly C Black 1998-09-26 Jerry Starnes Larry Jeffery 1
Rainbow Hills Sailor 11062 Parkridge Holly B Dun 1999-04-12 Jerry Starnes Jerry Starnes
Rainbow Hills Ryan 10216 "RR" Daisy B Black 1999-04-13 Jerry Starnes Mike Slocum 8
Rainbow Hills Buddy 9968 Rainbow Hills Gotcha B Black 1999-04-15 Jerry Starnes Shelby Scott
Rainbow Hills Erva 10079 Rainbow Hills Hillary C Red or Dun 1999-05-15 Jerry Starnes Steven Pazder 7
Photo Available Rainbow Hills Big Mac 10629 Rainbow Hills Red Shine B Dun 1999-05-18 Jerry Starnes Jeff Chambers 39
Rainbow Hills Red 10541 Rainbow Hills Star B Red or Dun 1999-09-14 Jerry Starnes Kuron McMinn
Rainbow Hills Noel 11246 Rainbow Hills Cleopatra C Red 1999-12-25 Jerry Starnes Brenda Stringham 5
Rainbow Hills Samson 11063 True Grit Goldie B Black 2000-03-17 Jerry Starnes Jerry Starnes
Rainbow Hills Beauty 11620 Frosty Acres Le-Ann C Black 2000-07-04 Jerry Starnes Betty Cozort 1
Rainbow Hills Sis 11782 Little Fatima Pines C Black 2000-07-20 Jerry Starnes Carol Haller 4
Rainbow Hills Frosty 11170 Frosty Acres Cracker Twin C Dun 2000-08-10 Jerry Starnes Orvel Renner
Rainbow Hills Peanut 11295 Rainbow Hills Rosey B Dun 2000-09-03 Jerry Starnes Thurman Colborn 15
Rainbow Hills Robinett 11171 Hilltop Robbin C Black 2000-09-15 Jerry Starnes Orvel Renner
Photo Available Rainbow Hills Dylan 11898 SJDH Little Tiny Judy B Black 2000-09-29 Jerry Starnes Joyce Lawson 16
Rainbow Hills Sam Son 12331 Phantom Clover B Black 2000-10-16 Jerry Starnes Gary Smithey 4
Rainbow Hills Peggy 13277 Parkridge Jacque'O C Black 2000-11-01 Jerry Starnes Dustin Parsons 4
Rainbow Hills Lucy 11251 Moorsedge Lucy C Dun 2000-11-21 Jerry Starnes John Fisher 1
Rainbow Hills Ginger 12031 Rainbow Hills Sweet Gold C Dun 2000-12-01 Jerry Starnes Leonard Bayer 2
Rainbow Hills Pee Wee 12029 True Grit Cindy B Black 2001-01-28 Jerry Starnes Leonard Bayer 9
Rainbow Hills Sami Ann 12103 Praise Him Kesha C Black 2001-03-06 Jerry Starnes Gary Wood
Rainbow Hills McKensy 11748 Parkridge Greta C Black 2001-07-03 Jerry Starnes 4
Belardos Goldie 12633 True Grit Goldie C Black 2002-01-01 Steve Belardo Ike/Barbara McArthur 4
Photo Available Belardos Rainbow Lady 12886 Story Brook Red Lady C Red 2002-05-01 Steve Belardo Craig Turpin 2
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