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8 Animals By Twi-lite Firefly
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Twi-Lite Jill 10453 Wee Gaelic Tipperary C Red or Dun 1999-02-28 Ross Cursons W.C. Kadatz 1
Twilite Jake 10751 Twilite Emily 7E B Red or Dun 1999-03-13 Ross Cursons Dean Fleharty 10
Twilite Julius 10750 W of M Cupcake B Black 1999-03-24 Ross Cursons Marion Popkin 12
Twilite Jasmine 10749 Earlona Victoria C Black 1999-08-26 Ross Cursons Ross Cursons
Lone Pine Farms Klip 11679 Claymore Brenda J. B Black 2000-04-15 Terry Tooley 3
Photo Available Lone Pine Farms Klondike 11420 Cranworth Zsa Zsa B Dun 2000-09-10 Terry Tooley Marian & Erik Van Beever 53
K-Bar Nanook 42N 14411 Double Star Esther B Black 2003-04-07 W.C. Kadatz Walter Foss
K Bar Norman 86N 14137 4D Acres Aidan Ann B Dun 2003-04-27 W.C. Kadatz Dave Beddoes

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