Progeny Report

5 Animals Out Of Ashawna of Knapsax
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Name ADCA# Sire Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Ammie of LBI 9607 RFF Fireweed C Black 1998-01-04 Kathy Ireland Keith & Eileen Giger 10
Irish Shade of LBI 10340 RFF Fireweed B Black 1999-02-23 Kathy Ireland Larry & Gwen Higgins&Casey-Higgin 14
O'Malley of LBI 11415 RFF Fireweed B Black 2000-11-17 Kathy Ireland Robert Wilcom 3
RCF's Lindsey 016521 Jams Ballynoggin C Black 2004-06-20 Don/Nina Cipriani Kandi Stanley 5
RCF's Moolan 016522 Jams Ballynoggin C Black 2005-05-13 Don/Nina Cipriani Don/Nina Cipriani

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