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43 Animals By Trevor o'Briar Hill
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Photo Available SGF Eileen 7541 Charmin o'Briar Hill C Black 1995-11-22 John Potter Art/Barb Callahan 4
SGF Rosalie 7857 Shamrock Hannah C Black 1996-03-23 John Potter Richard Tomasini 4
SGF Terence 7983 Twainland Caitlin B Dun 1996-04-17 John Potter John Potter 2
SGF Mara 7984 Erin of Common Ground C Black 1996-06-28 John Potter Donald/Sandra Bragg 4
Photo Available SGF Kathleen 8471 SGF Bridget C Dun 1997-03-16 John Potter Don Whitaker 3
SGF Sean 8991 Twainland Caitlin B Dun 1997-03-23 John Potter John Potter 5
SGF Briana 8470 SGF Ann C Black 1997-03-31 John Potter Richard Tomasini 5
Dinsmore Farm's Rosie 8698 Dinsmore Farm's Ginger C Red or Dun 1997-04-30 Mary Lynn Thompson 8
Dinsmore Farm Ian 9925 Dinsmore Farm Shannon B Red or Dun 1997-05-14 Ronald Brinkley Matthew Fierro 13
Dinsmore Farm Ali 9316 Anni o'Briar Hill C Black 1997-05-18 Ronald Brinkley Ronald Brinkley
SGF Duff 9255 Shamrock Hannah B Black 1998-03-15 John Potter John Potter
SGF Bairbre 9174 SGF Bridget C Dun 1998-03-21 John Potter Peterson Winne 4
SGF Lara 9175 Erin of Common Ground C Dun 1998-03-24 John Potter Art/Barb Callahan 2
SGF Blackie 9425 SGF Megan B Black 1998-03-25 John Potter Joe Clemons
Photo Available SGF Caitriona 9176 Twainland Caitlin C Dun 1998-03-27 John Potter Larry Hepker 5
Photo Available SGF Deirdre 9177 SGF Darcie C Dun 1998-03-27 John Potter Don Whitaker 4
SGF Searlait 9178 SGF Sheena C Black 1998-04-13 John Potter Art/Barb Callahan
Photo Available SGF Matt 9848 Stutzman's Colleen B Dun 1998-04-18 John Potter Dan Butterfield 29
SGF Treise 9198 Shamrock T.C. C Black 1998-05-05 John Potter Melissa Boone 1
SGF Aisling 9282 SGF Ann C Black 1998-06-26 John Potter James Trotter 2
SGF Elisa 9507 SGF Eileen C Dun 1998-11-01 John Potter David Lierer 4
SGF Vanessa 9677 SGF Mara C Black 1999-01-17 John Potter Edward Hemker 3
SGF Lucy 9771 Dinsmore Farm's Molly C Dun 1999-03-05 John Potter Ken Wenger
SGF Cody 10027 SGF Bridget B Dun 1999-03-07 John Potter Joe Clemons 2
SGF Brian 9772 SGF Darcie B Dun 1999-03-11 John Potter Tim DeVoir
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