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8 Animals Out Of SJDH May Hill
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Name ADCA# Sire Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
SJDH Lady Hill 7428 Briscoe's Zorn C Black 1995-07-13 Marvin Johnson Carlos Schmidt
SJDH Sister Hill 8417 Briscoe's Zorn C Black 1996-06-15 Marvin Johnson William Teglund 3
Photo Available SJ Roxie 9517 Fintastic P-Bar Toby C Black 1998-02-02 Marvin Johnson Clay & Patti Adams 8
SJ Hillary 10151 Hilltop Gonzo C Black 1999-02-17 Marvin Johnson Janice & Richard Fennema 8
SJ Aurora 10910 Tiny of Clear Creek C Black 2000-03-19 Marvin Johnson Brandon Harris 11
SJ DS902 13615 Glenn Land Mr. Black Oak B Black 2002-03-27 Marvin Johnson Steve Beal 5
DS04304 15961 Naked Acre's Brutus C Black 2004-04-03 Steve Beal Steve Beal
Photo Available SJDS Black Jack 018128 Glenn Land Mr. Black Oak B Black 2005-12-05 Steve Beal Tom Kremers 12

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