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109 Animals By Llanfair's Polgaron
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Cove Branch's Simone P204304 Cove Branch's Beta S 0000-00-00 2
Glenn Land Tristan P204352 Glenn Land Maple S Black 0000-00-00 6
Glenn Land Ursa P205102 Glenn Land Cricket S 0000-00-00 1
Llanfair's Donegal 7834 Llanfair's Larkspur B Black 1995-12-25 Frederick D. Chesterley 2
Llanfair's Blue Belle 8122 Claira Belle C Black 1996-08-12 Gregory Reser Mike/Paula Vrana 2
Llanfair's Fire Ball 8222 Llanfair's Poly B Black 1996-09-04 Bill Stewart 9
Sheila 8928 Isabelle C Black 1997-01-17 Orville Hicks Orville Hicks
Kathleen 8929 May Belle C Black 1997-01-28 Orville Hicks George Schwuchow 6
Photo Available Circle H's Daisy 14253 May Belle C Black 1997-07-08 Gerald Holmquist Monica Dexter 4
Circle H's Belle 14254 Isabelle C Black 1997-08-12 Gerald Holmquist Gerald Holmquist 2
Llanfair's Susie 10667 Llanfair's Larkspur C Black 1997-08-20 Frederick D. Chesterley Gerald Holmquist 2
Circle H's Sweet Danny 9422 May Belle B Black 1997-11-15 Gerald Holmquist Roderick Colchin 14
Llanfair's Tobias 13012 Llanfair's Puck B Black 1998-03-15 Frederick D. Chesterley Frederick D. Chesterley 5
Llanfair's Polgwen 9711 Kathleen C Black 1998-04-30 Orville Hicks Ron Matar 2
Little Farms Hagar 9900 Laughing Stocks Frolic B Black 1998-06-06 Virginia Mills Virginia Mills
Glenn Land Molasses 10085 Glenn Land Jeanie C Black 1999-03-20 Wes Patton Lillie Kobler
Glenn Land Hersey 10388 Glenn Land Modoc Girl C Black 1999-03-24 Wes Patton Carol/Doug Wick 2
Glenn Land Cookies Crm 10483 Glenn Land Oreo C Black 1999-03-31 Wes Patton William Kirkland 3
Glenn Land Licorice 10387 Ida-J-Mar Liz C Black 1999-04-01 Wes Patton Terry Christensen
Glenn Land Ms Chocolate 10086 Glenn Land Ebony C Black 1999-04-02 Wes Patton Charles Barnes 9
Glenn Land Willow 10087 Ida-J-Mar Buhla C Black 1999-04-09 Wes Patton Charles Barnes
Glenn Land Mr. Black Oak 9950 Blue Sage's Ida Girl B Black 1999-04-10 Wes Patton Steve Beal 38
Glenn Land Shasta 10082 Glenn Land Lassen Lady B Black 1999-04-14 Wes Patton Julie Mathews 1
Glenn Land Miss Fudge 10088 Miss Snowbird #27 C Black 1999-04-25 Wes Patton Rosemary Fleharty 7
Glenn Land Coco 9949 Glenn Land Zenia C Black 1999-07-07 Wes Patton Bobbie Chadwick
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