Progeny Report

9 Animals By Wolfmere's Equinox
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Wolfmere's Silvana 6698 Holly of Fir Knoll C Black 1994-06-18 John P. Wolf Joe Mielke 5
Wolfmere's Sparky 7581 Wolfmere's Latoya J. B Black 1995-04-28 Howard Gray 39
Wolfmere's Aggie 7324 Holly of Fir Knoll C Black 1995-05-26 Lloyd Ferge 2
Wolfmere's Amy 7325 Wolfmere's Black Rose C Black 1995-05-27 Dehl Jossi 2
Wolfmere's Kaitlen 7353 Wolfmere's Chelsea C Black 1995-07-21 John P. Wolf Robert Ryan
Wolfmere's Duke 7990 Wolfmere's Black Rose B Black 1996-04-24 Lloyd Ferge
Wolfmere's Nikki 7991 Holly of Fir Knoll C Black 1996-04-24 Robert Ryan
Wolfmere's Cowboy 8705 BoVan Amanda B Black 1996-05-26 Jack Goodman 55
Wolfmere's Cocoa 7989 Wolfmere's Silvana C Red or Dun 1996-06-02 4

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