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15 Animals By Glenn Land Magic
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Name ADCA# Sorted by DamDam Gender Color Birth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
RV Magic 11305 A.A. Kari B Black 2000-03-06 Ruth Flory Ruth Flory
Frosty Acres Viginia 11058 Frosty Acres Irish Red C Dun 1999-06-04 Lyla Petranovich Helen Dixon 4
Frosty Acres Bullet 11064 Frosty Acres Sarah B Black 1999-06-19 Lyla Petranovich Deborah Titus 3
Rainbow Hills Sweeney 10881 Frosty Acres Sweetie B Black 2000-05-10 Jerry Starnes Mike Slocum
GRR Firestar 7347 Glenn Land Black Olive C Black 1995-05-18 William Kirkland Tom Blankenship 5
GRR Magic Olive Pit 6505 Glenn Land Black Olive C Black 1994-05-17 William Kirkland David Flaa 1
Oak Leaf Samuel 9285 GRR Black Mariah B Black 1998-04-13 Patricia Butler Patricia Butler
Oak Leaf William 9912 GRR Black Mariah B Black 1999-04-11 Patricia Butler Patricia Butler 1
Photo Available GRR Paddy Wack 025283 GRR Lily of the Valley B Black 2010-03-17 William Kirkland Kenneth & Leann Evoniuk 10
GRR Ladysmith 8668 Ida-J-Mar Dove C Black 1997-05-21 William Kirkland Martina Freeman 6
GRR Magic Lovie Dove 7760 Ida-J-Mar Dove C Black 1996-01-06 Enrique Guerrero
Little Bit Magic 11966 Lazy L Finah-Lee C Black 2001-04-16 Kirk Schultheis Kirk Schultheis
D & J's Big Kahuna 9667 Lazy L Verna B Black 1998-08-13 David Filante David Filante
D & J's Diamond Lil 10132 Lazy L Verna C Black 1999-07-11 David Filante William Kirkland 6
Frosty Acres Missy 11065 Moorsedge Missy C Black 1999-07-22 Lyla Petranovich Jerry Starnes

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