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12 Animals By Aviva Zapata
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
RFF Willow 7809 Aviva Primadonna C Black 1995-03-29 Gary Williams Gary Williams
RFF Lunaria 7810 RFF Nightshade C Black 1995-04-07 Gary Williams Gary Williams 4
RFF Loosestrife 7811 Aviva Aria C Red or Dun 1995-04-11 Gary Williams S. Camplin
RFF Lilac 8212 Aviva Aria C Black 1996-04-16 Gary Williams Gary Williams 2
Photo Available RFF Fireweed 8056 Aviva Salome' B Red 1996-04-30 Gary Williams Kathy Ireland 46
Hidden Meadow Dulcie 8601 Hidden Meadow Katie C Black 1996-06-10 Frank Norton George Bangs
Hidden Meadow Becky 8732 Hidden Meadow Beth C Black 1997-03-03 Frank Norton George Bangs
Hidden Meadow Rudolf 10965 Hidden Meadow Teeza B Black 1997-08-01 Frank Norton Frederick Strong
RFF Kate 9651 RFF Lilac C Black 1998-05-02 Gary Williams Gary Williams
RFF Beta 12925 RFF Nightshade C Black 1999-04-29 Gary Williams Gary Williams 1
RFF Bed and Breakfast 10714 RFF Mistletoe C Black 1999-05-14 Gary Williams Gary Williams 1
Hidden Meadow Leeza 10789 Hidden Meadow Teeza C Black 1999-07-08 Frank Norton Frank Norton

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