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9 Animals Out Of Brush Creek Lady Scarlet
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Name ADCA# Sire Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Number One Son 4916 Brush Creek's Dark Legend B Black 1991-02-14 Charley Salmons Judy Morgan
Lady Virginia 5248 Shome Chestur's Virgil C Black 1992-01-19 Judy Morgan Ronald Sturdevant 4
Rainbow Hills Rheas Tar 6488 Rhea of Sunshine C Black 1994-04-12 Jerry Starnes Dee Walker
Rainbow Hills Diamond J 7670 Rhea of Sunshine B Black 1995-04-12 Jerry Starnes James H Bennett
Photo Available Emerald Leggs of Diamond 8249 Rainbow Hills Red Buck C Black 1996-03-16 James H Bennett James H Bennett
Sunshine Kale of Diamond 9052 Rainbow Hills Red Buck B Black 1997-02-08 James H Bennett James H Bennett 2
Photo Available Prissy Sonia of Diamond 10141 Hilltop Hogan C Black 1999-03-03 James H Bennett James H Bennett 2
Photo Available Shara of Diamond 10969 Hilltop Hogan C Black 2000-03-08 James H Bennett James & Linda Smith 7
Photo Available Jerico Lana 14893 Linus of Green Valley C Black 2003-04-04 Jerry Rogers Preston & Kimberly Jacobi 3

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