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11 Animals Out Of Yellowbird's Ann
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Name ADCA# Sire Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
K-Ro's Rose 5147 Wallace's Emmett C Red or Dun 1991-04-02 Kathleen Smith Kathleen Smith 9
K-Ro's Louise 5501 Wallace's Emmett C Black 1992-04-10 Kathleen Smith Mark Harnett
K-Ro's Sir Charles 7281 Wallace's Emmett B Black 1994-12-11 Thanksgiving Farm
K-Ro's Brody 8783 Wallace's Emmett B Black 1995-10-21 Kathleen Smith Gary L. Prichard
K-Ro's Prudence 8348 Wallace's Emmett C Black 1996-08-26 Kathleen Smith Harold Townsend 4
Photo Available K-Ro's Black Velvet 9916 Stutzman's Lavern B Black 1999-01-01 Kathleen Smith Warren & Sally Coad 15
K-Ro's Easter 11090 Stutzman's Lavern C Red or Dun 2000-04-23 Kathleen Smith James Templeton 3
K-Ro's Keira 11872 Serendipity's LM Jerry C Black 2001-05-10 Kathleen Smith Elizabeth Freeland 1
K-Ro's Onora Pauline 13069 Serendipity's LM Jerry C Dun 2002-07-27 Kathleen Smith Daniel Dempsey 1
K-Ro's Casey 14171 Serendipity's LM Jerry C Black 2003-05-30 Kathleen Smith Eric Trahan
K-Ro's Black Barney P203038 Serendipity's LM Jerry B Black 2004-07-30 Kathleen Smith Kathleen Smith 3

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