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11 Animals By Shome Jessy James Chestur
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Shome Peni 4665 Shome Patse C Red or Dun 1990-03-03 Rosemary Fleharty Rosemary Fleharty 5
Shome Chestur's Virgil 4608 Cranworth Vera B Red or Dun 1990-03-10 Dean Fleharty Fred Dexter 6
Shome Chestur's Vincent 4513 Cranworth Veronica B Red or Dun 1990-05-22 Dean Fleharty John Sharping 4
Aarrow Loretta 4485 Aarrow Zelda C Red or Dun 1990-07-20 Randy Andrews Paul/Linda Hays 1
Goldrush Elfin 4853 Lilliputt Peaches C Red or Dun 1990-09-06 Mike Fox David Lenz 5
Goldrush Eric 4854 Emerald Darlene B Red or Dun 1990-09-09 Mike Fox David Lenz 12
Sorgenfrei Zinia 4979 Story Book Katie C Black 1991-05-01 Alisa Wigington 2
Sorgenfrei Rusty 4978 Story Book Bambi B Red or Dun 1991-06-05 Lucy Shober 1
Flying Turtle Snowbird 5874 Story Book Bambi C Red or Dun 1992-06-08 Lucy Shober Jim Moody 1
Tootsie 10544 Story Book Katie C Black 1995-04-02 Lucy Shober Margrett Grummon 1
Big Red 10545 Story Book Bambi B Red or Dun 1997-11-04 Lucy Shober Alisa Wigington 25

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