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48 Animals By Thomas' Reu' Grande'
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Thomas' Grande Fooler 5074 Thomas' Deuce Special B Black 1990-02-06 Sandra J. & A.L. Thomas Sharon Mars 5
Thomas' Grande Red Royal 4477 Thomas' Magic Majesty B Red 1990-02-18 Sandra J. & A.L. Thomas
Thomas' Grande Amethyst 4445 Thomas' Magic Sapphire C Black 1990-02-21 Sandra J. & A.L. Thomas Susan Twohill
Thomas' Grande Brute 4795 Thomas' Sam Rose' B Black 1990-03-21 Sandra J. & A.L. Thomas Pam McCall
Photo Available Thomas' Grand Red Legacy 4827 Thomas' Magic First Lady B Red 1990-03-24 Sandra J. & A.L. Thomas Sandra J. & A.L. Thomas 6
Thomas' Grande Spring 4444 Thomas' Deuce Vali Girl C Black 1990-05-17 Sandra J. & A.L. Thomas Volvo Lodge
Arlene's Princess Ariel 4752 Llanfair's XTC C Black 1991-01-15 Dennis Jorgensen
Arlene's Sir Archibald 5256 Meagen Selassie of Pisgah B Black 1991-04-01 Paul Mennick
Peanuts of Clear Creek 5792 Emerald Gloria B Black 1991-07-28 Daryl Spiering Glen Peters 3
Don-Al Carmas 6943 Don-Al Carim C Black 1991-08-18 Don Richings Susan Russell 1
Don-Al Zenda 6944 Don-Al Zarim C Black 1991-08-28 Don Richings Susan Russell 1
Bindalee Emerald O'Erin 5450 Stormie C Black 1992-04-28 E.M. Howes
Bojulabah Brenna 5386 Thomas' Magic Music C Black 1992-06-14 Bob Pickworth Robin Sherman
Glenn Land Chardonnay 6320 Glenn Land Calif Raisen C Black 1993-03-06 Wes Patton Jacki Zediker 3
Glenn Land Chablis 6319 Ida-J-Mar Liz C Black 1993-03-10 Wes Patton Michael E. Rodegerdts 2
Don-Al Rivka 12327 Braco Skibbereen Zonor C Black 1993-04-09 Don Richings John/Lisa Kirby 6
Maudy of Morgan Ridge 6475 Maura of Morgan Ridge C Black 1993-05-10 Donna Martin Ellen Peterson 2
Dixie's Darling 6494 Stutzman's Dixie C Black 1993-06-23 Brian Kieffer Brian Kieffer
Silver Lake Trillium 6694 Silver Lake Rose C Black 1994-04-08 Kenneth Macpherson Kenneth Macpherson
Flescher's Daisy 7131 Flescher's Ebony Rose C Black 1994-06-23 Larry Flescher William Kullman
Autum of Coyote Song Farm 7179 February of Green Valley C Red or Dun 1994-09-21 Deryl Schibbelhute Deryl Schibbelhute
Sabrina of Dbl R 7574 Sweet Pea C Black 1995-06-11 Worrell Richter Kelly Doll 3
7XL Floating Feather 7389 Thomas' Prides Feather C Black 1995-06-17 Andy Smith 3
Photo Available Casey of Wiseacres 13885 T. Oaks Erin C Black 1995-08-28 Charlene Lofgren Chad & Ginny Williams 4
Photo Available Heritage Performer Red Remus C1209 Lane End Lucifer's Wisdom B Red 1995-12-08 Lyle Young Lyle Young 3
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