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12 Animals By Sam of Rob-Dar Farms
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Agatha of Braeburn 5027 Laura of Pisgah C Black 1990-04-29 Will Noonan Will Noonan 3
Glenn Land Ebony 4527 Ida-J-Mar Liz C Black 1990-04-30 Wes Patton Wes Patton 12
Glenn Land Mr. Frog 4761 Ida-J-Mar Huo Hsing B Black 1990-05-13 Wes Patton Oak Lake Ranch
Glenn Land Calif Raisen 4528 Emerald Flora C Black 1990-06-04 Wes Patton Wes Patton 3
Glenn Land Moonstone 4529 Twainland Cupid C Black 1990-06-08 Wes Patton Howard Beeman
Glenn Land Mr. Toad 4573 Emerald Felicia B Black 1990-06-13 Wes Patton Lawrence Stanley 4
Photo Available Glenn Land Magic 5232 Ida-J-Mar Susan B Black 1991-02-10 Wes Patton Charles Freer 19
Glenn Land Too Short 5691 Emerald Felicia B Black 1991-03-15 Wes Patton Gerald Mullins 5
Glenn Land Oreo 5230 Ida-J-Mar Huo Hsing C Black 1991-04-16 Wes Patton Charles Freer 3
Glenn Land Andy 5177 Talisman Anne B Black 1991-04-23 Wes Patton Jose DeLaTorre 11
Glenn Land May 5231 Sooner P-Bar Daisy C Black 1991-06-03 Wes Patton Dan Smith 4
Glenn Land Cupie Doll 5229 Twainland Cupid C Black 1991-09-08 Wes Patton Jacki Zediker 7

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