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20 Animals By Cranworth Xanadu
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Cranworth Zsa Zsa 11290 Trillium Molly C Dun 1990-06-23 Doris Crowe W.C. Kadatz 2
Shome Abby 4995 Shome Audri C Red or Dun 1991-03-07 Rosemary Fleharty Tony LaCaze
Shome Paul 5478 Shome Patse B Red or Dun 1991-03-08 Rosemary Fleharty Jim Moody 21
Rainbow Hills Black Gold 4798 Gilson's Hilltop Sassy C Black 1991-04-04 Jerry Starnes Tony LaCaze
Shome Cati 4994 Shome Cathe C Black 1991-04-08 Dean Fleharty Tony LaCaze
Shome Mavis 5125 Rev's Red Mary C Red or Dun 1991-08-29 Dean Fleharty Dean Fleharty 2
Shome Carma 5646 Shome Cayle C Red or Dun 1992-02-20 Dean Fleharty James H. Brown
Shome Rachael 5608 Ruth O'Mini-Speas C Red or Dun 1992-02-25 Rosemary Fleharty Rosemary Fleharty 7
Shome Corey 5647 Shome Cathe C Black 1992-03-05 Dean Fleharty James H. Brown
Shome Ashli 5609 Angel of Mt. Carmel C Red or Dun 1992-03-08 Rosemary Fleharty Rosemary Fleharty 4
Shome Peggi 5610 Shome Patse C Red or Dun 1992-03-10 Rosemary Fleharty Sharon Geant 2
Photo Available Shome Xanadu's Andi 5784 Shome Audri B Dun 1992-06-27 Rosemary Fleharty Helen Dixon 88
Shome Mari 5943 Rev's Red Mary C Red or Dun 1992-11-20 Dean Fleharty Dean Fleharty 3
Shome Russett Wonder 5789 Sun Drop's Black Beauty B Red or Dun 1992-12-01 Rosemary Fleharty Bob Friedl 16
Shome Shelli 5944 Shannon o'Briar Hill C Red or Dun 1992-12-12 Rosemary Fleharty Rosemary Fleharty 6
Frosty Acres Angie 9396 Moorsedge Misty C Red or Dun 1998-06-10 Lyla Petranovich James Hansen
Frosty Acres Fanny 9397 Frosty Acres Le-Ann C Black 1998-07-06 Lyla Petranovich Rosemary Schmied 5
Frosty Acres Sandy 9395 Frosty Acres Irish Red C Red or Dun 1998-07-18 Lyla Petranovich Raymond E. Myers 4
Frosty Acres Lester 10402 Frosty Acres Le-Ann B Red or Dun 1999-06-22 Lyla Petranovich Steve Ijames 3
Frosty Acres Rocket 10628 Frosty Acres Fire Twin C Black 1999-06-30 Lyla Petranovich Ralph Brown 3

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