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102 Animals By Fairy Hill Peter
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Cove Branch's Zero P208197 Cove Branch's Patrice S 0000-00-00 1
Church Hill Star 4497 Jean of Farmbrook C Black 1990-02-04 Wilmer Schmell Timothy Ellis 1
Church Hill Light 4496 Diane of Farmbrook C Black 1990-02-09 Wilmer Schmell Edward Browning 5
Emma of Farmbrook 4796 Diane of Farmbrook C Black 1990-12-21 Wilmer Schmell Dr. Jane Bernier 5
Kelly of Farmbrook 4811 Jean of Farmbrook B Black 1990-12-26 Wilmer Schmell Wilmer Schmell 7
Bryan's Poppy's Happy 4746 Sudbury Hill Poppy B Black 1991-02-12 Walter Bryan
Bryan's Poppy's Lucky 4850 Bryan's Poppy Ann B Black 1991-04-06 Walter Bryan Amy L. Record 1
Bryan's Aggie's Magic 4851 Sudbury Hill Agnes B Black 1991-04-09 Walter Bryan Walter Bryan
Season's Promise Magnolia 5759 Kara of Clove Brook C Black 1991-09-29 Betsy Gaiser Betsy Gaiser 3
Shome Cori 5945 Shome Camei C Black 1992-03-13 Dean Fleharty Sheila Boatman 3
Bryan's Poppy's Speck 5372 Bryan's Poppy Ann B Black 1992-04-26 Walter Bryan
Recordridge P. Dex 6165 Kahoka Red Debbie B Red or Dun 1992-09-11 Allen Holmes 17
Recordridge Little Guy 6166 Kahoka Red Ginger B Red or Dun 1992-09-13 Amy L. Record
Prince Brian Boru 6398 Princess Bovine of Grafton B Black 1993-02-17 Anson Smith Anson Smith
Shome Pete 5946 Shome Peni B Red or Dun 1993-03-17 Rosemary Fleharty Donald Piehota
Recordridge Lady in Red 5913 Kahoka Dark Red C Red or Dun 1993-04-19 Ben Merrill 2
Recordridge Black Beary 6376 Poindexters Peewee C Black 1993-04-29 George Hano 1
Recordridge Shady Laddie 6375 Peggys' Poindexter B Black 1993-06-08 Ben Merrill 4
Rivergill Anna 6064 Emerald Evaline C Red or Dun 1993-06-10 Sandy Brown Burnet Park Zoo 1
Recordridge Autumn Oliv 6378 Kahoka Auburn Red C Red or Dun 1993-07-18 Amy L. Record 5
Recordridge Pippin 6377 Pami of Wailing Wind Farm C Black 1993-07-18 Amy L. Record 1
Rivergill Jane 6065 Rosie of Brookfield C Black 1993-07-20 Sandy Brown Burnet Park Zoo
Amazing Grace 6292 Gertrude of Pisgah C Black 1993-07-22 John Hardwick John Hardwick
Shome Crabapple 7412 Cranworth Vera B Red or Dun 1993-09-13 Dean Fleharty John Knoche 1
Lane's End Strider 6510 Lane's End Lavinia B Black 1993-11-06 Sandra Watral Chaney Eric Marquart 16
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