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70 Animals By Martin o'Briar Hill
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Warrior o'Briar Hill P5968 Cranworth Princess S 0000-00-00
Stutzman's Ferman 4125 Deidre o'Briar Hill B Black 1988-07-23 Levi Stutzman Levi Stutzman
Stutzman's Herman 4126 Duchess o'Briar Hill B Black 1988-08-09 Levi Stutzman Levi Stutzman
Hazel 4865 Monica o'Briar Hill C Red or Dun 1989-07-10 Benjamin Barker Charles Dickinson 3
Rosette of Stoney 4250 Monica o'Briar Hill C Red or Dun 1989-07-17 Benjamin Barker Helen Dixon 10
McGinty o'Briar Hill 5047 Redwing o'Briar Hill B Red or Dun 1989-12-28 Gary Williams 4
Stoney Creek Pebble 4249 Piper o'Briar Hill C Black 1990-01-01 Daniel Holman 4
Mavourneen o'Briar Hill 5048 Mary o'Briar Hill C Red or Dun 1990-01-06 James G. Johnson
Mayo o'Briar Hill 4867 Moira o'Briar Hill B Black 1990-01-24 Greg Roth
Guiness o'Briar Hill 4743 B Black 1990-02-01 Robert C. Jesseman 2
Eilis o'Briar Hill 4397 Irene o'Briar Hill C Black 1990-02-05 Glenn Downing 2
Eoin o'Briar Hill 4868 Eileen o'Briar Hill B Black 1990-03-15 Greg Roth
Pansy o'Briar Hill 4740 Cranworth Peaches C Black 1990-03-20 Ronald Brinkley 4
Triple D's Cinderella 4351 Charlotte of Lodi C Black 1990-03-28 James G. Johnson Mike Kirwan 4
Clarissa o'Briar Hill 4398 Claire o'Briar Hill C Black 1990-03-29 Glenn Downing
Allison o'Briar Hill 4739 Trillium Ceilidh C Black 1990-04-12 Jim Fitzgerald 8
Tribby o'Briar Hill 4869 Tara o'Briar Hill B Black 1990-04-20 Greg Roth
Lara o'Briar Hill 5049 Kerrilynn o'Briar Hill C Black 1990-04-25 Robert C. Jesseman 2
Shannon o'Briar Hill 4738 Shanda o'Briar Hill C Red or Dun 1990-05-06 Amy Lutton Rosemary Fleharty 11
Collin o'Briar Hill 5575 Charlene of High Meadow B Black 1990-06-02 Cliff Pequet 5
Finola o'Briar Hill 4742 Una o'Briar Hill C Black 1990-06-03 Robert C. Jesseman
Creary o'Briar Hill 5532 Cranworth Peggy Sue B Black 1990-07-29 James G. Johnson 6
Justin o'Briar Hill 5050 Josie o'Briar Hill B Black 1990-09-11 Billy Chamberlain
McGowan o'Briar Hill 4866 Cranworth Princess B Black 1991-02-08 Donald Tracy
Fetters Patsy 4825 Colleen o'Briar Hill C Black 1991-02-11 Gordon W. Fetters 5
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