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6 Animals By Ida-J-Mar Popeye
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Ida-J-Mar Elsy 3972 Ida-J-Mar Hannah C Black 1988-05-11 Jack Goodman Jack Goodman
Ida-J-Mar Kate 3973 Ida-J-Mar Debbie C Black 1988-05-23 Jack Goodman Rick Stimpson 6
Ida-J-Mar Huo Hsing 3974 Cherry Pie C Red or Dun 1988-06-02 Jack Goodman Doug McMaster 5
Ida-J-Mar Susan 3975 Ida-J-Mar Gretchen C Black 1988-06-05 Jack Goodman Kari Workman 4
Ida-J-Mar Maureen 4345 Cherry Pie C Red or Dun 1989-06-30 Jack Goodman R.S. Springer 5
Ida-J-Mar Ellen 4344 Ida-J-Mar Gretchen C Black 1989-07-12 Jack Goodman Dan Smith 3

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