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16 Animals By Rocky Sunlines
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Bridgett of Green Valley 3648 Belinda Sunlines C Black 1988-03-06 1
Bluebelle of Green Valley 3649 Dark Flower C Black 1988-03-09 R.S. Springer Ernest Hammer 6
Brandy of Green Valley 3702 Kathy Sunlines B Black 1988-03-10 Jack Goodman
Briarose of Green Valley 3704 Wild Rose Sunlines C Black 1988-05-30 Charles I. Sherrill 3
Beauty of Green Valley 3703 Rocky Brae Bonnie C Black 1988-06-04 Charles I. Sherrill 3
Chinook of Green Valley 4159 Dark Flower B Black 1989-01-27 Robert L. Waller 22
Talahi of Cherokee Point 4263 Belinda Sunlines C Black 1989-02-24 Charlotte Hopkins 3
Connie of Green Valley 4164 Rocky Brae Bonnie C Black 1989-04-14 R.S. Springer 4
Catrina of Green Valley 4163 April of Green Valley C Black 1989-05-09 Jerry Rogers 6
Debbie of Green Valley 4467 Kathy Sunlines C Black 1990-01-05 James Burkemeier 2
Daisy May of Green Valley 4414 May Melody C Black 1990-02-18 Charles I. Sherrill 3
Dixie of Green Valley 4672 Prairie Windsong C Black 1990-02-22 Orville Sorken 4
Twainland Belle 5026 Twainland Cauline C Black 1991-02-13 James H. Mitchell James H. Mitchell 3
Twainland Sunny 4983 Twainland Perigore C Black 1991-03-31 James H. Mitchell Larry Petty 4
Twainland Beauregard 4992 Shanna Mizzou B Black 1991-04-15 James H. Mitchell Hugh Schuetz 11
Twainland Kody 5567 Shanna Mizzou B Black 1991-04-15 Dave Reynolds 4

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