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64 Animals By Lucifer of Knotting
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Lane End Lucifer's Wink 3298 Cranworth Rachel B Black 1987-01-14 Kathy Lovejoy Jack Goose 12
Photo Available Lane End Lucifer's Wisp 3436 Cranworth Linnet C Black 1987-05-26 Kathy Lovejoy Chris & Nicole Ricard 4
Lane End Lucifer's Windy C117 Lockwood Liv C Black 1987-06-13 Kathy Lovejoy Betty Harmsworth 4
Lane End Lucifer's Willie 3557 Little Ladydale 3rd of Knotting B Black 1987-08-25 Kathy Lovejoy Kelly Preston 2
Photo Available Lane End Lucifer's Wizard 3556 Jarush 4th of Knotting B Red 1987-10-31 Kathy Lovejoy Sandra J. & A.L. Thomas 6
Lane End Lucifer's Wisdom 3905 Cranworth Rachel C Black 1987-12-27 Kathy Lovejoy Jack Goose 5
Lane End Brenna 3907 Lockwood Liv C Black 1988-04-14 Kathy Lovejoy Elaine Bagg 2
Glenfiddich Pr. Albert 3811 Cranworth Linnet B Red 1988-05-20 Eric Meyer 2
Glencara Raven C221 Little Ladydale 3rd of Knotting B Black 1988-07-21 Kathy Lovejoy Kathy Lovejoy 2
Lane End Raven of Glencara 3862 Little Ladydale 3rd of Knotting B Black 1988-07-21 Kathy Lovejoy Andrea Foulkes
Lane End Scarlet O'Hara 3861 Jarush 4th of Knotting C Red 1988-09-24 Kathy Lovejoy Jack Goose
Photo Available Shanidar Yelden 4090 May C Black 1989-03-27 Judy Moseley 3
Shanidar Islay 4417 May C Black 1990-03-21 Allyn/Rita Nelson 5
Timberstan Brian Boru 5707 Laverne B Black 1990-06-06
Aviva Salome' 5797 Aviva Primadonna C Black 1990-06-21 Brian Frost Gary Williams 3
Hillside Dragon Tree 5332 William's Loretta B Black 1991-02-02 Allyn/Rita Nelson
Shanidar Jesse James 4764 Jesse B Black 1991-02-10 Paul Taylor 7
Shanidar Lily 4763 May C Black 1991-02-23 Danette Dixon 1
MLW Lucy Fern 5810 Monches Miss Mabel C Black 1991-05-01 Mark Weber Lyle Bangart 7
MLW Rudale Fergi 5809 Cranworth Plucky C Black 1991-05-07 Mark Weber Barbara Lacina 7
Crow Harbour Aster 5038 C Black 1991-05-19 W.J. Troop W.J. Troop
Sandhill Jane 5260 Mirinda C Black 1991-05-26 Fred Kraemer 7
Photo Available Shanidar Louisa 4963 Royal of Old Orchard C Black 1991-05-26 Judy Moseley 3
Aviva Aria 4940 Aviva Primadonna C Black 1991-07-05 Brian Frost Gary Williams 3
Shanidar Alberta 4965 Noah's Ark Fergie C Black 1991-07-25 Judy Moseley 2
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