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8 Animals Out Of Yellowbird's Maidel
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Name ADCA# Sire Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Yellowbird's Easter 3518 Rock Shawn of Waverly C Black 1987-04-19 Sophia J. Stillerman Sophia J. Stillerman 5
Yellowbird's Mazela 3742 Peerless Hawkeye C Black 1988-05-14 Sophia J. Stillerman Stephen C. Kaye 8
Yellowbird's Ann 4227 Peerless Hawkeye C Black 1989-05-14 Sophia J. Stillerman Kathleen Smith 11
Yellowbird's Shabas 4500 Peerless Hawkeye C Black 1990-05-14 Sophia J. Stillerman Shawn Koehler 5
Yellowbird's Mench 5031 Granary Farm Ali B Black 1991-03-22 Sophia J. Stillerman Gordy Klassen 12
Yellowbird's Friday 5337 Granary Farm Ali C Black 1992-05-17 Sophia J. Stillerman Queens Wildlife Cent
Yellowbird's Zeke 5925 Granary Farm Ali B Black 1993-03-27 Sophia J. Stillerman Joshua Abrams 4
Yellowbird's Faigel 6798 Granary Farm Ali C Black 1994-05-24 Sophia J. Stillerman Tupper & David Sverduk 4

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