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15 Animals By B & B Pioneer St. Nicholas
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
St. Nick's Denali Lulu 3587 Oak Leaf Laura C Red or Dun 1987-12-24 Arland Pittman 9
Denali Babe 3875 Oak Leaf Laura C Black 1988-12-15 Kathy Schiler Jacqueline Van Beek 3
Denali Daisy 4187 Oak Leaf Laura C Red or Dun 1989-10-30 Kathy Schiler Kathy Schiler 3
Denali Meg 4439 Colorado Susitna C Black 1990-03-29 Kathy Schiler Arland Pittman 5
Denali Mocha 4438 St. Nick's Denali Lulu C Red or Dun 1990-03-31 Kathy Schiler Arland Pittman 6
Denali Delta Dan 4412 Denali Babe B Black 1990-06-23 Kathy Schiler Frank Kraxberger 4
Denali Rambler 4842 Oak Leaf Laura B Red or Dun 1991-04-13 Kathy Schiler Allyn/Rita Nelson 30
Denali Dip 4843 St. Nick's Denali Lulu B Black 1991-05-17 Kathy Schiler Ralph Spicer 3
Denali Pearl 5156 Denali Daisy C Red or Dun 1991-05-30 Kathy Schiler Amy Bittner 1
Ajax of Denali 5540 Oak Leaf Laura B Black 1992-03-15 Kathy Schiler R.H. Pittman
Saja From Bittercreek 6297 Edith of Green Valley C Red or Dun 1993-03-05 Arland Pittman Roy Pittman 1
Bittercreek Beauty 6230 Meredith's Easter C Black 1993-03-21 Arland Pittman Arland Pittman 4
Tasha From Bittercreek 6664 Edith of Green Valley C Black 1994-03-04 Roy Pittman Arland Pittman 1
Bitterroot Cass 6659 Meredith's Easter B Black 1994-03-08 Arland Pittman Arland Pittman
Bitterroot Conquest 6657 Dolly of Green Valley B Black 1994-03-21 Arland Pittman Arland Pittman

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