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14 Animals By Peerless Hawkeye
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Idol of Clove Brook 3157 Folly of Clove Brook C Black 1985-11-23 Mabel Ingalls Carol Davidson 5
Jewel of Clove Brook 3171 Fram C Black 1986-03-21 Mabel Ingalls Jan van Heerden 6
Kara of Clove Brook 3415 Heather of Clove Brook C Black 1987-02-27 Mabel Ingalls Betsy Gaiser 3
Karoo of Clove Brook 3533 Ethiopia of Clove Brook C Black 1987-06-20 Mabel Ingalls Three Springs Stud 2
Kleinste of Clove Brook 3534 Idol of Clove Brook C Black 1987-06-28 Mabel Ingalls Jacob Bryden 2
Khoi of Clove Brook 3589 Folly of Clove Brook C Black 1987-12-25 Mabel Ingalls Ken Bergstrom
Inca of Clove Brook 3627 Fram B Black 1988-01-01 Mabel Ingalls Nicolette Robb
Yellowbird's Mazela 3742 Yellowbird's Maidel C Black 1988-05-14 Sophia J. Stillerman Stephen C. Kaye 8
Yellowbird's Fingal 3743 Yellowbird's Maven B Black 1988-05-17 Sophia J. Stillerman S. Gordon Campbell 2
Buster of Whetstone Ledges 3740 Heather of Clove Brook B Black 1988-05-18 James Yang 1
Lava of Clove Brook 4116 Folly of Clove Brook B Black 1988-11-10 Mabel Ingalls Francis Kellogg 4
Yellowbird's Isaac 4228 Yellowbird's Maven B Black 1989-05-10 Sophia J. Stillerman Forsyth Park Zoo
Yellowbird's Ann 4227 Yellowbird's Maidel C Black 1989-05-14 Sophia J. Stillerman Kathleen Smith 11
Yellowbird's Shabas 4500 Yellowbird's Maidel C Black 1990-05-14 Sophia J. Stillerman Shawn Koehler 5

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