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8 Animals By Faw Sooner Joe
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Sooner P-Bar Ebony 2861 Drivaline Ebony Sarah C Black 1984-01-10 1
Sooner P-Bar Sparkle 2860 Gypsy Noel C Black 1984-09-01 Donald Piehota Gabriella Nanci 6
Sooner P-Bar Dainty 2921 Jad Texas Maude C Black 1985-01-05 Donald Piehota Rudolph Gilster 2
Sooner P-Bar Lyrical 2950 Gypsy Melody C Black 1985-03-16 Donald Piehota Jennifer Edwards 2
Sooner P-Bar Junebug 2960 Desert Dolly C Black 1985-06-10 Donald Piehota Johnnie Brannon 2
Sooner P-Bar Daisy 2983 Gypsy Rose C Black 1985-09-12 Gerald Mullins 1
Sooner P-Bar Icicle 3036 Gypsy Noel C Black 1985-11-30 Ronald Sturdevant 4
Sooner P-Bar Penny 3037 Jad Texas Peggy C Black 1985-12-03 Valerie Bush 2

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