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9 Animals Out Of April Lark of Columbine
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Name ADCA# Sire Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Musicova Aprils Rockie 2440 Rocky Brae Daniel B Black 1981-07-13 Bill Dasbach Evert Young 6
Sunset of M & M 2730 Musicova Aprils Rockie B Black 1983-02-08 17
Sunset April Fantacy 2768 Jamie O'Callen C Black 1984-02-11 Not reg. in ADCA Dorothy Conway 1
Llanfair's Tywen 3012 Peerless Sinister Sam C Red or Dun 1985-03-10 Maryam Young Frederick D. Chesterley 3
Llanfair's Yetts 3234 Aldebaran Priapus B Black 1986-03-17 Frederick D. Chesterley Orville Hicks 4
Llanfair's Tuppence 3745 Llanfair's Helge Belge C Black 1988-05-26 Bettie L. Frazier 2
Llanfair's Larkspur 4185 Hiyu Giacomo C Black 1989-05-04 Gerald Holmquist 4
Llanfair's Dusty 4503 Anton of Mt. Carmel B Red or Dun 1990-05-16 James H. Brown 5
Llanfair's Pril 6999 Saltaire Platinum (2708) C Black 1994-09-02 Andy Smith 1

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