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16 Animals By Talisman Ptolemy
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Cassiopia of Pisgah 3125 Talisman Tallulah C Black 1982-01-27 Gary L. Prichard Gary L. Prichard 7
Erin of Pisgah 3021 Charity of Pisgah C Black 1982-04-06 Gary L. Prichard Randy Berggren 3
Malachi of Pisgah 3019 Evita of Pisgah B Black 1982-04-15 Gary L. Prichard Ivan Gottschalk 6
Christie of Pisgah 3131 Jill Von Der Vogelweide C Black 1983-12-02 Dorothy Conway 4
Geniene of Pisgah 3133 Talisman Tallulah C Black 1984-01-08 Gary L. Prichard Sandra Watral Chaney 3
Georganna of Pisgah 3134 Bernadette o'Briar Hill C Black 1984-01-24 Harry Adams 6
Lane's End Matti 3334 Erin of Pisgah C Black 1984-02-02 Randy Berggren John Meyer 3
Pixie of Pisgah 3132 Erin o'Briar Hill C Black 1984-11-16 Eric Foy 1
Laura of Pisgah 3137 Evita of Pisgah C Black 1985-11-14 Gary L. Prichard Will Noonan 5
Shellie of Pisgah 3138 Talisman Tallulah C Black 1985-12-07 Gary L. Prichard Elaine Gordon 1
Lane's End Abby of Pisgah 3185 Geniene of Pisgah C Black 1986-01-16 Danny Stone 5
Houdini of Pisgah 3189 Doreen of Pisgah B Black 1986-02-23 Gary L. Prichard Clifford Weimer 24
Lena of Pisgah 3186 Charity of Pisgah C Black 1986-03-02 Dennis Reese 2
Photo Available Imelda of Pisgah 3187 Dolly of Pisgah C Black 1986-03-12 Eric Foy 6
Sharlena of Pisgah 3188 Bernadette o'Briar Hill C Black 1986-03-15 Gary L. Prichard Robbin Reynolds 5
Boof McCoy of Pisgah 6197 Karen Von Der Vogelweide B Black 1986-03-16 Charles George 4

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