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9 Animals Out Of Maureen Lady Vicky
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Name ADCA# Sire Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Twainland Perigore 2246 Peerless Skippy C Black 1980-10-25 James H. Mitchell Robert Williams 4
Twainland Charm 2630 Rocky Brae Clancy C Black 1983-05-10 James H. Mitchell Erwin K. Reddick 3
Twainland Vasey 2830 Rocky Brae Clancy C Black 1984-04-17
Twainland Tulip 2967 Twainland Circium C Black 1985-04-25 Charles Ward
Twainland Molly 3175 Nighthawk Charlie C Black 1986-04-17 James H. Mitchell John Sharping 6
Twainland Mitchell 3689 Twainland Aril B Black 1987-03-20 Dale Fuller 8
Brush Creek Lady Scarlet 4394 Twainland Kale C Black 1988-06-17 James/Mary Boss 9
Brush Creek's Black Belle 4395 Shome Eric's Jessy's James C Black 1989-06-18 Charley Salmons Ernst Gulzau 3
Brush Creek's Dark Storm 4976 Brush Creek's Dark Legend B Black 1991-04-18 Charley Salmons Robert Williams 3

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