Progeny Report

7 Animals By Oakleaf Benji
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Mary Fields Easter 2066 Rosette Jed C Red or Dun 1978-03-25
Cotton Sunlines 2130 Erin O'Callen B Black 1979-07-28
Oakleaf Arthur 2526 Polly O'Callen B Black 1981-12-01
Oakleaf Shattzie 2717 Polly O'Callen B Red or Dun 1982-08-30
Oakleaf Katie 2718 Polly O'Callen C Black 1983-05-16 Dennis Fosburgh W.B. Goodson 5
Oakleaf Maggie 2719 Oakleaf Daisy Mae C Black 1983-06-09 6
Anton of Mt. Carmel 2871 Polly O'Callen B Red or Dun 1984-05-10 Dennis Fosburgh Philip & Drucilla Martz 75

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