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14 Animals By Peerless Colorado
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
June of Columbine 2005 Talisman Sparkle C Black 1978-06-25 Bill Dasbach Robert L. Waller 5
April Lark of Columbine 2147 Blackhawk Belle C Black 1979-04-03 Bill Dasbach Frederick D. Chesterley 9
Nighthawk of Columbine 2146 Talisman Sparkle B Black 1979-06-15 Bill Dasbach Juanita Davis 4
Easter of Columbine 2182 Talisman Sparkle C Black 1980-04-06 3
Sunshine of Columbine 2181 Talisman April C Black 1980-04-14
Blackhawk of Columbine 2180 Blackhawk Belle B Black 1980-05-04
Rocky Brae Gidget 2234 Rocky Brae Abby C Black 1980-05-19 John Howard Jack Goodman 11
Rocky Brae Heather 2235 Rocky Brae Bonnie C Black 1980-05-28 John Howard Sandra J. & A.L. Thomas 4
Sunset Easter Babbit 2423 Easter of Columbine C Black 1982-05-04 Bill Dasbach Stephen F. Moore 2
Colorado Fitz of Columbine 2447 Talisman April B Black 1982-05-14
May Lark 2601 Talisman April C Black 1983-05-01
Sonolta Sunrise 2639 Rocky Lark C Black 1983-05-25
Moira Gail 2801 Talisman April C Black 1984-03-17
Bridgett Brae 2903 Rocky Lark C Black 1984-04-25

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