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16 Animals By Tama Mercury
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
BCF Merc Dominic 017287 Thomas' BLZ Blk Bele B Red 2006-02-23 Eric Taylor Eric Taylor
Photo Available BCF Merc Maggie 017284 SGF Bridget C Black 2006-02-27 Eric Taylor Mark/James Megel 3
BCF Merc Dakota 017285 Tama Antonia B Red 2006-03-03 Eric Taylor Eric Taylor
BCF Merc Blackjack 017286 Sojourner's Tressa B Black 2006-03-11 Eric Taylor Eric Taylor
Photo Available SGF TMER Josh 017318 Llanfair's Schoggi B Red 2006-04-02 John Potter James J Countryman
Photo Available SGF LCIN Amy 017796 SGF Rhianna C Red 2006-04-05 John Potter Attn. R Browning Jr TSU 6
Photo Available SGF LCIN Venus 017797 SGF Brynna C Black 2006-04-05 John Potter Johnny & Karen Bishop 8
Photo Available SGF TMER Kari 017326 Llanfair's Kokanee C Red 2006-04-09 John Potter David & Michelle Ley 5
Photo Available SGF TMER Todd 017325 Tama Thunderstorm B Red 2006-04-09 John Potter Chuck & Jan Daggett 14
Photo Available SGF TMER Shannon 017336 Tama Shadow C Black 2006-05-01 John Potter Susie Bement 2
Photo Available SGF TMER Josie 017337 Tama Scarlet C Red 2006-05-02 John Potter Jeff & Kelley Collins 11
Photo Available SGF TMER Fergus 017374 Llanfair's Fiona B Red 2006-05-10 John Potter Art/Barb Callahan
Photo Available SGF TMER Flynn 017375 Earlona Fillsey B Red 2006-05-15 John Potter Doug & Renee Corrigan 13
SGF TMER Black Jack 018093 Tama Ebony B Black 2006-06-15 John Potter Bryan & Mylene Sullivan 4
Photo Available BCF Merc Shang-Hi 020144 SGF LCIN Shaelyn B Red 2007-02-03 Eric Taylor Patrick & Christina Metcalf 47
Photo Available BCF TMER Rosina 018478 Tama Last Rose of Summer C Red 2007-03-11 Eric Taylor Shawn White 4

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