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6 Animals Out Of SMD Ceti Navis
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Name ADCA# Sire Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
SMD Coira Camden 017876 SMD Merak Draco C Red 2006-06-10 Jeff Chambers Gary Patrick Fontaine 3
SMD Jord Flaith 020288 Brambledel Redberry Prince B Red 2007-07-25 Jeff Chambers Warren & Sally Coad 13
SMD Bet Draco 020847 SMD Argo Navis C Dun 2008-06-20 Jeff Chambers Tim & Linda Lindgren 3
Photo Available SMD Fin Draco 022704 SMD Argo Navis B Red 2009-06-13 Jeff Chambers Jeff Chambers
Photo Available SMD Ferl Certus 025784 Breoch Sultan M4825 B Black 2010-06-15 Jeff Chambers Jeff Chambers 30
SMD Alice Port 030281 SMD Port Risagh C Dun 2012-05-09 Jeff Chambers Mark McCrady/ Becky Williams

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