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11 Animals By Ben of Old Orchard
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
N Paradise Matilda 016883 N Paradise Muffin C Black 2005-07-21 Diane Mills-Frank David/Grace Jackson 2
N Paradise Darla 017909 N Paradise Shirley C Black 2006-05-02 Diane Mills-Frank Larry/Rosemarie Sample 1
N Paradise Leap of Ben 019953 N Paradise Maxine B Black 2006-07-10 Diane Mills-Frank Richard C. Miller
N Paradise Sierra 019102 N Paradise Sally C Black 2007-03-25 Diane Mills-Frank Charles & Rhea Smith
N Paradise Moriah 021322 N Paradise Margaret C Black 2008-03-31 Diane Mills-Frank Diane Mills-Frank 1
N Paradise Maebell 021321 Maebell of Valley Farm C Black 2008-10-24 Diane Mills-Frank Diane Mills-Frank
N Paradse Merrill 022488 N Paradise Madison C Black 2009-03-18 Diane Mills-Frank Dennis & Aimee Yakes
Badger Creek Brianna 022859 Joanna of Badger Creek C Black 2009-06-14 Craig Rhiner Jenna Mcnamara 1
Badger Creek Betty 022858 Noel of Badger Creek C Black 2009-06-17 Craig Rhiner Linda Lux-Lucarelli 2
Badger Creek Rube 022860 MLW Willow-Ru C Black 2009-06-21 Craig Rhiner Jenna Mcnamara 2
Badger Creek Rosemary 023690 Calley of Badger Creek C Black 2009-10-17 Craig Rhiner Linda Lux-Lucarelli 1

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