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68 Animals By Circle H's Frederick
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Photo Available Circle H's Nutshell 016275 Circle H's Holly C Red or Dun 2003-09-05 Gerald Holmquist Ted Dexter
Hillview Frida 024315 Hillview Vanessa P C Black 2004-08-16 Evelyn Anderson Stefani & Chris Millman 9
Photo Available Hillview Heather 016498 HV Saltaire Susie C Black 2004-08-17 Evelyn Anderson Matt & Kirk/ Elston & Fackrell 11
Photo Available Hillview Just Rite 016410 Hillview Sally B Black 2004-08-19 Evelyn Anderson Jimmie Bauer 9
Photo Available Hillview Ivan 017344 Hillview Ida B Black 2005-04-20 Evelyn Anderson Debbie/Mike Davis 4
Photo Available Belle Fourche Darla 017660 Belle Fourche Mabelle C Black 2005-05-07 Gabriella Nanci Cody & Jessica Wetterman 7
Hillview Wendy 024936 Hillview Sally C Black 2005-07-10 Evelyn Anderson Creig Bowland 8
Photo Available Hillview Finnigan 019813 HV Saltaire Susie B Red 2005-10-10 Evelyn Anderson James & Onna Perkins 18
Photo Available Hillview Jemma 023853 Hillview Jan C Red 2006-03-03 Evelyn Anderson Gabriella Nanci 7
Belle Fourche Apple 024201 Circle H's Liberty C Red 2006-07-26 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci 8
Photo Available Hillview Pandora 018509 HV Saltaire Susie C Black 2006-10-25 Evelyn Anderson Susan Barron 4
Photo Available Belle Fourche Madeline 023855 Circle H's Penny C Red 2007-01-17 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci 7
Belle Fourche Lorna 024318 Belle Fourche Roxanne C Black 2007-02-07 Gabriella Nanci Harvey Coombs 5
Photo Available Belle Fourche Austin 019040 Hillview Jan B Red 2007-02-17 Gabriella Nanci Sam & Mary Hyatt 16
Photo Available Belle Fourche Rousseau 023798 Circle H's Nutmeg B Red 2007-03-11 Gabriella Nanci Evening Star Dexter Cattle 93
Photo Available XI Freddy Ambush 024346 XI Ambush B Black 2007-04-19 Hal Robinson Hal Robinson 5
Lone Star Dottie 022806 Lone Star Shania C Red 2008-03-06 Jon Morris Mike Morris 2
Photo Available Lone Star Dolly 022715 Lone Star Dixie C Black 2009-01-26 Jon Morris David and LaDena Headley
Mrald Katrina 022320 HV Saltaire Susie C Black 2009-06-19 Stefani & Chris Millman Chris & Vicki Jones 5
Mrald Saturday 023419 Iodine C Black 2009-09-27 Susan Barron Janelle Starr
Outlaw Misty Morn 023456 Fan-C-Joy C Red 2009-10-16 Mike Morris Lynda & Cynthia Ingram & Walker 1
Photo Available Mrald Party Girl 023820 RdoubleD Sheridan C Red 2010-03-20 Stefani & Chris Millman Susan Barron 2
Photo Available LCF Bud 024484 May Belle of White Rock B Black 2010-04-23 Su Canada Su Canada 3
Belle Fourche Riley 025606 Belle Fourche Poppy B Red 2010-07-26 Gabriella Nanci Paul Armentrout 1
Simply Natural Freddy 031437 Hoitink Hector Lena B Red 2010-11-04 Heather Stegman Wesley E Seabolt 8
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