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15 Animals By Gladhour Lenny P
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Name ADCA# Sorted by DamDam Gender Color Birth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Photo Available Gladhour Raymore P 018735 Gladhour Mayflower B Black 2005-04-08 S.A. Walkup Salvador Garcia 10
Photo Available Gladhour Pixie 016581 Gladhour Missy C Red 2004-10-23 S.A. Walkup S.A. Walkup 1
Photo Available Gladhour Rominy Raya 025959 Gladhour MollyMay C Black 2005-04-07 S.A. Walkup Chris & Vicki Jones 6
Gladhour Rosie 017627 Gladhour Nonni C Black 2005-04-16 S.A. Walkup Daryle & Doris Attebery 3
FIM Clara May 034464 Hazybrook Victory C Red 2013-05-01 John & Susan McDermott Jodi Townsend
Hillcrest's Nico 025948 Hillcrest's Ms Lily B Black 2010-01-27 Arabella Dane Arabella Dane 1
Dewing's Farm Minnie 033914 Leep-at-Farm Magnolia C Black 2013-07-20 Alaina Dewing Lee Francis
Photo Available Gladhour Raben P 018737 May Belle B Black 2005-04-27 S.A. Walkup S.A. Walkup 5
Photo Available Gladhour Roland P 018736 Rainbow Hills Halo B Dun 2005-04-20 S.A. Walkup Frank & Cinda Brent 2
Photo Available Gladhour Rolli 017110 Rainbow Hills Holiday C Black 2005-04-10 S.A. Walkup JOYCE BROWN
Photo Available Gladhour Soffi 017561 Rainbow Hills Holiday C Black 2006-04-05 S.A. Walkup Barny/Karisa Hattey
ACF Turbo 034558 STF Patty B Dun 2012-04-15 Dennis Godar Dennis Godar 2
Photo Available Gladhour SjoklitSundy 018196 Sturdevant's JilLight C Dun 2006-05-14 S.A. Walkup S.A. Walkup
Gladhour Royce P203533 Sturdevant's JoliJoyce C Black 2001-11-30 Not reg. in ADCA Not reg. in ADCA 1
ACF Hemi 034559 Whistle R Jodee B Dun 2012-04-15 Dennis Godar Dennis Godar

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