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39 Animals By Red Fern Kieran
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
C2H2's Chiquita P204338 Wee Farm II's Althat S 0000-00-00 1
Windgate Milo 15212 Stonesthrow Milly Brooks C Black 2003-12-31 William Depew Ben & Lisa Crandall
Windgate Lucille 15146 Red Fern BonBon C Dun 2004-01-01 William Depew Daniel Dempsey
Windgate Sweet Sally 15209 Red Fern Monnine C Black 2004-02-22 William Depew Victor M Interiano 1
Windgate Charlie 15211 Rockin Z Eve B Black 2004-03-13 William Depew Barbara A Percival 8
Photo Available C2H2's Stella 15691 Grasslick Grace C Black 2004-04-06 Carol Haller L. Steele Smith 6
C2 H2's April Morning 15454 Jubilee Farms Coco C Black 2004-04-14 Carol Haller Waunona Bradford
Crook MT 13 Mill Iron 15543 Sloo Foot Sue Parks B Dun 2004-04-15 Carol Haller Clayton Overland 5
C2 H2's Smarty Gal 15455 Rainbow Hills Sis C Black 2004-05-01 Carol Haller Lynn Sherwood 4
Red Ren Kieran 15705 Mammie Parks C Black 2004-05-01 Carol Haller Cindy Arnio-Gillies
Clay Nel 3 Mill Iron 15544 Dolly Parks B Black 2004-05-06 Carol Haller Clayton Overland
Dale Reha +U- 15704 Maggie Parks C Black 2004-05-22 Carol Haller James & Peggy Woehl 2
C2H2's Padridg 15780 Cushing's Lil Trish B Black 2004-06-03 Carol Haller Roberts Chuck
C2H2's Black Magic 016225 Parkridge Lil Brandy B Black 2005-03-06 Carol Haller Waunona Bradford
C2H2's Just Dreaming 016624 Rainbow Hills Sis B Dun 2005-03-24 Carol Haller Waunona Bradford
Photo Available C2H2's Lilly 016645 Grasslick Grace C Black 2005-03-24 Carol Haller Sarah Monnin 5
C2H2's She's A Dandy 017006 Wee Farm II's Althat C Black 2005-06-21 Clayton Hedge L. Steele Smith 1
Photo Available C2H2's She's A Doll 017005 Cushing's Lil Trish C Dun 2005-07-23 Clayton Hedge Ron & Gwyn Bernot 1
Photo Available C2H2's Annie 017004 C2H2's Millicent C Black 2005-07-30 Clayton Hedge Sarah Monnin 1
C2H2's Drummer Boy P203611 C2H2's Black Berry B Dun 2006-01-21 Carol Haller Carol Haller 4
BC Big Kahuna 018238 Parkridge Lil Brandy B Black 2006-01-30 Clayton Hedge Waunona Bradford
Photo Available C2H2's Maudy 018461 Grasslick Grace C Black 2006-02-24 Clayton Hedge Sarah Monnin 3
C2 H2's Genuine Whizz 018725 Jubilee Farms Coco B Black 2006-02-27 Clayton Hedge Jeff/Carol Sole 2
Photo Available C2H2's April Moon 018472 Wee Farm II's Jenny C Dun 2006-04-13 Clayton Hedge Ron & Gwyn Bernot
Photo Available C2H2's Molly Butfurst 018471 C2H2's Millicent C Black 2006-06-06 Clayton Hedge Sarah Monnin
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