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15 Animals By Tama Star Blazer
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Photo Available Legend Red Mona 15552 Thomas' Blz Red Mite C Red 2004-06-02 Barbara Netti Phares Frantz 8
Photo Available Legend Red Rowdy 15553 Thomas' Blz Red Porsh B Red 2004-06-07 Barbara Netti Robert E Martin 24
Photo Available Legend Red Cali 15554 Stuarts Blz Red Cream C Red 2004-08-06 Barbara Netti Kurt Osuch 7
Photo Available Legend Red Glitter 016126 Thomas' Rscl Red Gael C Red 2005-01-21 Barbara Netti Phares Frantz 6
Photo Available Legend Red Ali 016125 Thomas' BLZ Red Abbe C Red 2005-01-25 Barbara Netti John & Gail Derrick 7
Photo Available Legend Red LuLu Bell 016127 Thomas' Rscl Red Mica C Red 2005-03-05 Barbara Netti Mark Pearson 3
Photo Available Legend Red Gunner 016380 Cottontail's Gingersnp B Red 2005-03-10 Barbara Netti Mike/Teddi Pruitt 7
Photo Available Legend Red Ryder 016377 Thomas' BLZ Red FashN B Red 2005-03-24 Barbara Netti Ray/Fran Lauen 1
Photo Available Legend Red Pedals 016378 Thomas' Blz Red Porsh C Red 2005-05-18 Barbara Netti Richard Matthys 5
Photo Available Legend Red Maya 016379 Thomas' Blz Red Mite C Red 2005-05-20 Barbara Netti David Jones 5
Photo Available Legend Red Cruiser 016828 Stuarts Blz Red Cream B Red 2005-07-06 Barbara Netti William Aaron and Constance Asher 9
(PRI) GA Texas Star 019620 Toby's P-Bar Sadalia C Black 2006-12-16 Wayne Jackson Fidel del Barrio
Photo Available (PRI) GA Cowgirl 019995 G. A. Rachiel C Black 2007-11-30 Wayne Jackson Lisa Hunt 1
Photo Available (PRI) GA Holly Cow 019996 Toby's P-Bar Gidgette C Black 2007-12-02 Wayne Jackson Steven Bird
Lil O'TEXish 1st Dude 021330 Toby's P-Bar Sadalia S Black 2008-05-18 Carol Johnson Evan Jones

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