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104 Animals By Llanfair's Cinnabar
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Photo Available Tama Mercury 15440 Tama Cayenne B Red 2004-02-13 John Potter John Potter 16
Tama Andy 15393 SGF Ciara B Black 2004-03-11 John Potter John Foley 5
Photo Available Tama Mars 15441 SGF Jilleen B Red 2004-03-20 John Potter Roland Vaughan 10
Photo Available Tama Terra 15443 SGF Trixie C Black 2004-03-24 John Potter Stuart/Debra Black 3
Photo Available Tama Samson 15305 SGF Taryn B Black 2004-03-27 John Potter Dan/Alice Williams 2
Photo Available Tama Mira 15444 Tama Mindy C Red 2004-03-29 John Potter John Potter 5
Photo Available Tama Jupiter 15445 SGF Callie B Red 2004-04-06 John Potter Brian Stockinger 10
Photo Available Tama Sid 15446 SGF Meri B Black 2004-04-10 John Potter Mel & Joanne Puck 11
Photo Available Tama BC's Red Tesuque 15247 SGF Emalees Pride B Red 2004-04-11 John Potter Roger L Green 10
Photo Available Tama Titanium 15447 Llanfair's Fiona B Red 2004-04-19 John Potter James & Charlene Selby 124
Photo Available Tama Dani 15448 SGF Darla C Black 2004-04-24 John Potter John Potter 4
Photo Available Tama Raven's Wing 15734 Llanfair's Raven B Black 2004-04-26 John Potter 2
Photo Available Tama Athena 15449 SGF Thea C Red 2004-04-28 John Potter Joel Goodnough 4
Photo Available Tama Marci 15450 Tama Melanie C Black 2004-04-29 John Potter Scott & Esther King 6
Photo Available Tama Copper 15392 Llanfair's Toggi B Red 2004-04-30 John Potter Samuel Cox 47
Photo Available Tama Sorrel 15452 Llanfair's Schoggi C Red 2004-05-10 John Potter John Potter 3
BTF Little Reggy 15389 Toby's P-Bar Friday B Black 2004-05-27 Karen Kohut Karen Kohut
Photo Available Cream's Blackberry 15568 Irish Cream B Black 2004-08-19 Joseph/Marilin Willaford Business- Ketterling Family 17
Photo Available Tama Last Rose of Summer 15453 Magnetic Heather C Red 2004-08-20 John Potter Lee & Roberta Wieringa 5
J & M Roxanne 15569 Esmeralda C Black 2004-08-25 Joseph/Marilin Willaford Corinne Logan 3
Photo Available SGF LCIN Lindy 016209 SGF Connie C Black 2005-03-10 John Potter Michael & Danielle Lancaster 2
Photo Available SGF LCIN Kaela 016188 Llanfair's Kokanee C Red 2005-03-19 John Potter Jerry/Caroline Richer 1
Photo Available SGF LCIN Carmen 016189 SGF Ciara C Red 2005-03-20 John Potter Joe & Janet Lum 6
Photo Available SGF LCIN Shaelyn 016190 Tama Shadow C Black 2005-03-23 John Potter Roger Windsor 7
Photo Available SGF LCIN Easter 016192 SGF Diane C Red 2005-03-27 John Potter Sarah Monnin 6
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