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145 Animals By Hillview Red Wing
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Belle Fourche Gaston P202279 Circle H's April Anne S 0000-00-00 1
Blue Creek Dixie P206423 Hi-Country Pixie S 0000-00-00 1
Blue Creek Dolly P206424 Sha Holly S 0000-00-00 1
Blue Creek Ruby P206426 Sha Black Silver S 0000-00-00 2
Hillview Eva P201764 Hillview Ellie P S 0000-00-00 1
Belle Fourche Martin P203418 Circle H's Penny B Red 2001-11-30 Gabriella Nanci Alan Yarrington 5
Belle Fourche Nadia P203405 Circle H's April Anne C 2001-11-30 1
Photo Available Belle Fourche Roxanne 14804 Belle Fourche Annabelle C Black 2004-02-21 Gabriella Nanci Alan and Jeanne Munhall 8
Belle Fourche Amelia 14850 HV Platinum Ladybell C Black 2004-03-05 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci 1
Photo Available Belle Fourche Cupcake 019817 Kilcreag Jellybean C Black 2004-07-11 Gabriella Nanci Alan and Jeanne Munhall 4
Photo Available Belle Fourche Frasier 016495 Circle H's Liberty B Red 2004-10-17 Gabriella Nanci Business Snake River Dexter 80
Photo Available Belle Fourche Scarlet 017659 Circle H's Penny C Red 2005-02-21 Gabriella Nanci Butch & Karen Howell 10
Belle Fourche Feta 023954 Belle Fourche Butter C Black 2005-04-16 Gabriella Nanci Robin Wilcox 6
Photo Available Belle Fourche Leo 017199 Circle H's Naomi B Black 2005-07-12 Gabriella Nanci Vicki Williams 24
Belle Fourche Lois 037928 Quailgate Fergie C Black 2005-07-25 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci
Belle Fourche Voila! 023856 Circle H's Liberty C Black 2005-09-01 Gabriella Nanci Patty Wills 2
Belle Fourche Chamomile 023858 Belle Fourche Rosemary C Black 2005-09-25 Gabriella Nanci Harvey Coombs 5
Belle Fourche Helen 024482 FF Liberty Belle C Black 2005-12-15 Gabriella Nanci Michael Roberts 6
Photo Available RdoubleD Sheridan 017554 Circle H's Daisy C Black 2006-03-23 Monica Dexter Stefani & Chris Millman 7
Belle Fourche BlackBary 017883 Belle Fourche Mabelle B Black 2006-04-03 Gabriella Nanci Stefani & Chris Millman 1
Hillview Fiona 023852 Hillview Ida May P C Black 2006-04-11 Patty Wills 3
Photo Available Belle Fourche Mr. Right 023857 Hillview Frida B Red 2006-06-22 Gabriella Nanci Keith & Eileen Giger 120
K Heart Boomer LTD 018207 Elkhorn Sweetie B Black 2006-06-24 Butch & Karen Howell Michael Whitney 8
K Heart Fergy 019758 Shome Pretty Penny B Black 2007-04-18 Butch & Karen Howell Pamela Hassinger
Photo Available K Heart Ruby Red 022679 Utah Rose C Red 2007-05-15 Butch & Karen Howell Greg & Tecia Irwin 8
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