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9 Animals Out Of Shome Shena
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Name ADCA# Sire Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Shome Stormy 13164 Shome Martin B Black 2002-04-07 Rosemary Fleharty Mark/Debra Brickey
Shome Shek 14854 RFF Exposition B Black 2003-04-16 Rosemary Fleharty David Sellers 2
Photo Available Shome Shilo 15348 Shome Red Fred C Black 2004-03-29 Rosemary Fleharty James & Shannon Hutchison 7
Photo Available Lazy J5 Tincup 016301 Sha Black Bullet B Dun 2005-03-30 Debbie/Mike Davis Mike Craig Karen Moore
Photo Available Lazy J5 SBB Ginger Snap 017830 Sha Black Bullet C Dun 2006-04-08 Debbie/Mike Davis Brian Stockinger 6
Photo Available Diamond Willow Spritz 019666 Gladhour Payload C Black 2007-02-17 Brian Stockinger David & Heather Rodebush 2
DWF Dolly 033333 Tama Jupiter C Black 2008-04-15 Brian Stockinger Brian Stockinger 2
DWF MS Willow 031858 Prairie Thunder C Dun 2013-04-11 Brian Stockinger Brian Stockinger
DWF Ms Blacky 038327 DWF Red Thunder C Black 2014-04-30 Brian Stockinger Brian Stockinger

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