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53 Animals By Lone Pine Farms Klondike
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Photo Available Tama Ebony 13957 SGF Taryn C Black 2003-03-15 John Potter Randy/Lesa Rice 2
Photo Available Tama Scarlet 13958 SGF Darci C Red 2003-03-17 John Potter Erin Monahan 6
Photo Available Tama Thunderstorm 13959 SGF Jilleen C Black 2003-03-24 John Potter Dan Butterfield 4
Photo Available Tama Sienna 13960 SGF Ciara C Dun 2003-03-25 John Potter Amber Bradford 6
Tama Carmelita 14698 SGF Carla C Dun 2003-04-01 John Potter Don & Cathy Steele
SGF LPFK Patrick 14696 SGF Patty B Dun 2003-04-06 John Potter Don & Cathy Steele 1
Tama Honey 14695 SGF Raicheal C Dun 2003-04-11 John Potter Ervin E Miller 1
Photo Available SGF LPFK Antares 13961 SGF Easter B Red 2003-04-15 John Potter Sean Johnson 101
SGF LPFK Phoenix 13962 SGF Meri B Red 2003-04-18 John Potter David Kennedy 19
Photo Available SGF LPFK Titan 13963 SGF Callie B Red 2003-04-20 John Potter James J Countryman 54
Photo Available Tama Shadow 13964 SGF Emalees Pride C Black 2003-04-21 John Potter James Calvin 4
Photo Available SGF LPFK Leo 13965 SGF Thea B Dun 2003-04-24 John Potter David Marik 14
Tama Cinnamon 14266 SGF Trixie C Red 2003-04-28 John Potter John Potter 1
SGF LPFK Zeus 13966 Brocks BLZ Dun Sune B Dun 2003-05-09 John Potter John/Anthony Potter/Bauer
SGF LPFK Quasar 14264 Llanfair's Fiona B Red 2003-05-15 John Potter John Potter 4
Tama Ginger 14265 Llanfair's Toggi C Red 2003-05-19 John Potter John Potter 1
Photo Available Tama Onyx 13967 SGF Brita C Black 2003-05-22 John Potter Roland Vaughan 5
SGF LPFK Loki 13968 SGF Dixie B Red 2003-05-31 John Potter William Graves 2
Photo Available SGF LPFK Thor 13969 SGF Darla B Dun 2003-06-06 John Potter Brian Herbert 9
Photo Available SGF LPFK Saturn 13970 SGF Diane B Dun 2003-06-17 John Potter Christopher Kleinert 2
Photo Available Tama Goldrush 13971 Llanfair's Schoggi C Red 2003-06-17 John Potter Donna Hertlein 5
Tama Paprika 14269 SGF Joy C Red 2003-06-20 John Potter John Potter 2
Photo Available Tama Brenna 14267 SGF Bridget C Dun 2003-08-29 John Potter Mike Dafforn 5
Photo Available JL MidKnight 15735 SGF Dana B Black 2004-03-15 James Trotter David Jones 49
J L Duchess 16018 SGF Tina C Dun 2004-06-24 James Trotter Christopher Kleinert 1
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