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44 Animals By Llanfair's Sean
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
B N Harley 13639 MLW Clover Row B Red 2003-03-10 Lyle Bangart Mark Weber 9
Arthur Godfrey 14029 Myrtle Rose B Black 2003-04-17 Lyle Bangart Vincent Cassiani
B N Isabel The Stormy One 15330 MLW Lucy Fern C Red 2003-08-15 Lyle Bangart Lyle Bangart 3
Photo Available Francess Of The Storm 016080 Paddy Ann C Black 2004-07-15 Lyle Bangart Salvador Garcia 6
PS23 Daisy 15969 MLW Lucy Fern C Black 2004-09-04 Lyle Bangart Lyle Bangart 3
Sir Redknight Calumet 016083 Kay Ann B Red 2004-10-11 Lyle Bangart Lyle Bangart 1
Sir Redfire Acres 016082 Java of Wiseacres Farm B Red 2004-11-16 Lyle Bangart Lyle Bangart
Duchess Of Cromworth 016081 Ner-Farms Faith C Black 2004-11-23 Lyle Bangart Charles & Rhea Smith 4
Sir Willard 016085 Myrtle Rose B Red 2004-12-09 Lyle Bangart Lyle Bangart
Sir Mason's Row 016084 MLW Clover Row B Red 2005-01-15 Lyle Bangart Briscoe White
B N Emily Of The Storm 016650 Cee Cee Mac C Black 2005-02-20 Lyle Bangart David/Grace Jackson 3
B N Katrina's Llanfair 016652 Kay Ann C Black 2005-09-04 Lyle Bangart Lyle Bangart 2
B N Rita Of Llanfair 016651 DS Fergie Hilldale C Black 2005-09-27 Lyle Bangart Linda Decramer
BN Sir Gullum 019258 Shome Carla B Black 2005-09-28 Lyle Bangart Roger Bahr 11
B N Sir Gustoff 018915 Paddy Ann B Black 2005-10-23 Lyle Bangart William McClure
Bika Rouge 017437 Myrtle Rose C Red 2005-11-15 Lyle Bangart Steven & Cherrie Wood 8
BN Sir Gulliver 019256 MLW Clover Row B Red 2006-01-05 Lyle Bangart David/Grace Jackson 4
Sir Isaac 018250 B N Isabel The Stormy One B Red 2006-03-06 Lyle Bangart Lyle Bangart
KVR Miss Cleopatra 019574 Chautauqua Cleo C Black 2006-11-20 Lyle Bangart Lyle Bangart 1
KVR Clover's Petals 019575 MLW Clover Row C Black 2006-12-18 Lyle Bangart Lyle Bangart 3
KRV Sirius Black 021279 Chautauqua Cate B Black 2007-03-03 Lyle Bangart Lyle Bangart 2
Sir Aurthur McDuggel 021829 Duchess Of Cromworth B Red 2007-05-15 Lyle Bangart Lyle Bangart 4
BN Buttermilk 019257 Kay Ann C Black 2007-05-25 Lyle Bangart Roger Bahr 2
KRV JNET 020691 Chautauqua Cleo C Black 2007-08-16 Lyle Bangart Lyle Bangart
KRV Saturn's Outlaw 021281 MLW Clover Row B Black 2008-02-14 Lyle Bangart Lyle Bangart 1
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