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10 Animals By Twilite Jake
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Photo Available Shome Mark 12003 Shome Meri B Black 2001-03-31 Dean Fleharty Ron Nedved 30
Shome Jacki 12008 Shome Mati 47 C Dun 2001-04-03 Dean Fleharty Elmer & Agnes L Blackburn 4
Shome Reba 58 12444 Shome Rachael C Dun 2001-04-08 Rosemary Fleharty Eldon Sorsby
Photo Available Shome Shallot's Shepi 12929 Shome Shallot 94 B Dun 2001-04-13 Rosemary Fleharty Kim/Jessica Chonko 8
Shome Susan 53 12442 Shome Shelli C Dun 2001-04-13 Rosemary Fleharty Eldon Sorsby
Photo Available Shome Red Fred 13654 Glenn Land Miss Fudge B Red 2001-05-04 Rosemary Fleharty Helen Dixon 58
Shome Marrie 74 12441 Shome Marsha C Dun 2001-06-18 Dean Fleharty Dean Fleharty
Shome Minnie 71 12440 Shome Misti C Black 2001-06-21 Dean Fleharty William Graves 2
Shome Morgan 12806 Shome Maxis B Dun 2001-07-05 Dean Fleharty John Bukowski 13
Shome Joe 12614 Shome Jani B Dun 2001-07-27 Dean Fleharty Jim deChant 2

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