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28 Animals By Shome Rowan
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Rockin L Holly 15824 C Arrows Lil Rainbow C Black 2004-03-20 Dick Latimer Marvin Dale Wiertzema 5
Rockin L Jacy 15823 P-Bar Kimberly C Dun 2004-03-24 Dick Latimer Don Walker 3
Zurishaddai's Adam 15831 Prima of JP Farms B Black 2004-12-11 David/Cynthia Perkins David/Cynthia Perkins
Rockin L Bell 017184 SJ Arline C Black 2005-02-05 Dick Latimer Elmer & Agnes L Blackburn 2
Rockin L Dusty 017313 P-Bar Kimberly B Dun 2005-02-09 Dick Latimer John/Helen Spain 4
Rockin L Candy 017127 C My Rainbow C Black 2005-02-12 Dick Latimer James & Linda Smith 4
Rockin L Blue 017183 Rockin L Crystal C Black 2005-06-26 Dick Latimer Elmer & Agnes L Blackburn 4
Zurishaddai Rowan 017365 Rainbow Hills Cicler B Dun 2005-11-08 David/Cynthia Perkins David/Cynthia Perkins
Zurishaddai Primason 017366 Prima of JP Farms B Black 2005-12-06 David/Cynthia Perkins David/Cynthia Perkins
Rockin L Sweet Pea 017666 C Arrows Lil Rainbow C Black 2006-02-04 Dick Latimer Dick Latimer
Whistle R Molly 017309 P-Bar Kimberly C Dun 2006-03-08 James & Linda Smith Art & Marsha Horn 1
Whistle R Missy 017308 C My Rainbow C Black 2006-03-22 James & Linda Smith Lee & Roberta Wieringa 5
Whistle R Richard 018721 Amber o Treva B Dun 2006-05-05 James & Linda Smith Amy Spencer
Whistle R Wilma 017765 S & N Rose of Br'er Patch C Black 2006-05-30 James & Linda Smith Wayne/Shirley Smith 2
Whistle R Willis 018101 Rainbow Hills Mzz Liz B Dun 2006-07-13 James & Linda Smith Alvy & Norah Ladd 3
Whistle R Lola 018593 C My Rainbow C Black 2007-02-01 James & Linda Smith James & Linda Smith 1
Whistle R Ten Fidy 018876 P-Bar Kimberly B Black 2007-02-07 James & Linda Smith Becky Eterno 3
MAC Little Shadow 023222 Shadows Dee H C Black 2007-10-10 Matt & Claudia Gurn Matt & Claudia Gurn 4
Wolfsong Chuck 020936 Jerico Daisy Duke B Black 2007-10-20 Melissa L Schmalhorst Evelyn Hansen
Honey Bee Clover 021425 Jerico Cricket C Black 2008-01-30 Yvette Anderson J.L/Karen Kidwell
Photo Available Topaz Rowan Ula 021227 Judy of Diamond C Dun 2008-04-13 Jeff/Nancy Phillips Leo Bachman
Photo Available Topaz Rowan Urielle 021209 Twainland Kanga C Dun 2008-05-14 Jeff/Nancy Phillips Karen/Gregory Brock Hussey
Wolfsong Charm Lynn 023262 SR Lil Miss Pitty Pat C Dun 2008-06-06 Melissa L Schmalhorst Dennis Goodall 4
GHS Abigail 021347 Triple H Sonja C Dun 2008-10-01 Ron/Judy Mitchell Ron/Judy Mitchell
GHS Brianna 022844 3D Nora C Black 2009-01-09 Ron/Judy Mitchell Ron/Judy Mitchell
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