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13 Animals By Hillview Platinum Max
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Gossett's Candy P202827 Wolfmere's Cocoa S 0000-00-00 1
Gossett's Gabby P202829 Lane's End Mocha 0000-00-00 1
Malaby Farm Toura P205043 Glenn Land Cinder S 0000-00-00
Hillview Cedric SS15 11624 HV Saltaire Susie B Black 2001-03-11 Evelyn Anderson Helen Dixon 8
Hillview Jeremiah 11832 Ida-J-Mar Mallard B Black 2001-04-23 Evelyn Anderson Tom Kraai 5
Photo Available Hillview Ida 11830 Hillview Bedford Ivy 2 C Black 2001-05-14 Evelyn Anderson James & Dina Winn 7
Hillview Polly SS16 11623 Hillview Princess SP7 C Black 2001-05-18 Evelyn Anderson Evelyn Anderson
Hillview Gypsy Lee 11831 Belle Fourche Delilah C Black 2001-06-01 Evelyn Anderson Margaret Wilson 1
Hillview Ramble Ruler 11970 Hillview Oleander B Black 2001-06-11 Evelyn Anderson Karin McAleese 5
Gosset's Trilite 12954 GRR Prairie Fire C Black 2001-10-14
Gossett's Drake 14249 Wolfmere's Cocoa B Black 2001-10-16 George Lee
Malaby Farm Toura Loura 026931 Glenn Land Cinder C Black 2007-12-04 Homer Malaby Heather Gerard 3
Malaby Farm Coleen 026930 Malaby Farm Toura Loura C Black 2010-05-07 Homer Malaby Kimberly Kendall

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