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20 Animals By Linus of Green Valley
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Niles of Green Valley 11103 Joy of Green Valley B Black 2000-03-26 R.S. Springer Jon Klingenberg
Naomi of Green Valley 11517 Kimberly of Green Valley C Black 2000-06-14 R.S. Springer John/Angela Christian 3
Nelly of Green Valley 11722 Louise of Green Valley C Black 2000-06-18 R.S. Springer Ken Burkhead 1
Nora of Green Valley 11721 Harriett of Green Valley C Black 2000-06-20 R.S. Springer Thomas Kenny 1
Boulder Fork O'Easter 12466 Joy of Green Valley C Black 2001-04-15 Martin Fadner William Wright 5
Boulder Fork O'Malley 12141 Hiyu Woodlark B Black 2001-06-08 Martin Fadner John Starkey
Jerico Dotty 13209 N.H. Dee C Black 2002-01-28 Jerry Rogers John Kevin Cheek
Photo Available Jerico Dusty 13309 Shadows Rockie Dust C Black 2002-02-04 Jerry Rogers Billy Copeland 5
Jerico Sally 13210 Hilltop Ellie C Black 2002-04-12 Jerry Rogers Billy Copeland 3
Jerico Sean 14848 N.H. Dee B Black 2002-12-12 Jerry Rogers James Boss 3
Jerico Violet 14437 Shadows Rockie Dust C Black 2002-12-13 Jerry Rogers Donald/Elaine Alvord
Jerico Buddy 14100 Nighthawk Brenda B Black 2003-01-25 Jerry Rogers Bert Simpson 2
Jerico Jane 14892 June Clover C Black 2003-03-29 Jerry Rogers Jerry Rogers
Photo Available Jerico Lana 14893 Brush Creek Lady Scarlet C Black 2003-04-04 Jerry Rogers Preston & Kimberly Jacobi 3
Jerico Princess 14894 Rainbow Hills Virginia C Black 2003-04-11 Jerry Rogers Amy Spencer 2
Jerico Lucy 14123 Hilltop Ellie C Black 2003-04-28 Jerry Rogers John Kevin Cheek
Jerico Sara Jane 15797 Catrina of Green Valley C Black 2003-10-15 Jerry Rogers Jerry Rogers
Jerico Jasmine 14897 N.H. Dee C Black 2003-10-28 Jerry Rogers Don/Lori Hall 1
Mangnall Lucy 016880 PCC Lady C Black 2004-03-08 Warren Mangnall Jerry Rogers
Photo Available Jerico Samson 017107 Violet B Black 2005-02-21 Jerry Rogers Trell/Maggie Elliott 1

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