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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Brockland Nightflower 14007 Brockland Joni Jumpup C Black 2003-02-21 Sheila Boatman Charles/Virginia Daily 6
Brockland Bull Nettle 14008 Haze Daze B Black 2003-02-23 Sheila Boatman Elmer & Agnes L Blackburn 39
Brockland Nandina 14006 Brockland Laurel C Black 2003-02-23 Sheila Boatman Sheila Boatman 1
Vater's April Blossom 14258 Shome Flora C Black 2003-04-05 Earnie Vater Earnie Vater 4
Photo Available Vater's Nicodemus 14846 Shome Carlee 43 B Dun 2003-04-11 Earnie Vater William Dierberg 9
Brockland Nutmeg 14847 Brockland Gaillardia B Dun 2003-10-29 Sheila Boatman Sheila Boatman 2
Brockland Olive 15387 Brockland Joni Jumpup C Black 2004-01-01 Sheila Boatman Sheila Boatman 1
Brockland Peppercorn 15751 Haze Daze B Black 2004-01-07 Sheila Boatman Earnie Vater 1
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